Project dissemination and impact activities

Drs Sergei Shubin and Tanjil Sowgat from Swansea University have been supporting community engagement of the PaConDAA project through art-based workshops with a local school in Wales and as part of the Swansea Science Festival – to share Bangladeshi children’s poverty experiences with children in Swansea.

They have also co-produced and shared two short video produced to explain how they have used art as a way for participants to communicate and represent their experiences of poverty – this was shared with participants in Bangladesh:

Creative Community Engagement: Art, Interactive Learning, Empowerment

Swansea University – PACONDAA Project

Using the pictures drawn during our art workshops, both in Bangladesh and in a Swansea school they have produced postcards showing experiences of poverty in both locations side by side- these will be distributed amongst the participating children and their schools and include links to the Swansea project website.

Swansea University have collaborated with internationally-acclaimed and young Bangladeshi artists to share experiences of the oft-overlooked poor internationally, and PaConDAA received Research as Art 2018 award (Swansea/BBC) for these activities:

Working with stories told by Bangladeshi children and an illustrator we are co-producing a children’s book to be distributed across the field-sites and in the UK to disseminate the circumstances and experiences of poverty in India and Bangladesh with a wider audience.



Award for outstanding contribution to the culture and society

The PACONDAA impact activities conducted in Bangladesh have been recognized highly. We are happy to post that Research & Innovation Awards 2018 is now announced by Swansea University and our PACONDAA project activities got the award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Arts, Culture, and Society’.
This unique event gave us the opportunity to disseminate among 300 invited guests, our findings from fieldwork and exhibit our works from Bangladesh. Invited guests in that prestigious event highly acknowledged the aim of the PACONDAA project and appreciated the commitment of the project towards the deprived and poor communities in Bangladesh and India.
Credit goes to all the team members for their kind and continuous support and commitment to this project.
Our team members at the Research & Innovation Awards 2018

Second DBT review meeting in Vellore India

March also saw the second DBT review of our project. This review meeting was held in Vellore at CAHC. Dr Hauton represented the UK partners on the project, whilst Dr Salam presented a summary of work conducted in Bangladesh during the past year. This has been a particular difficult year for Bangladesh, with devastating fluids destroying crops and washing away shrimp and carp ponds. Nonetheless, Dr Salam was able to report on successful surveys of fish farmers conducted in the north of the Bangladesh during 2017. Work in India was also presented by Dr Sahul Hameed from CAHC, Dr Pradhan from NBFGR in Lucknow and Drs Shekhar and Vinay from CIBA in Chennai.

After this review meeting the team visited Elavoor village on the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to interact with farmers at a CIBA organised event to celebrate Krishi Unnati. Soil test cards were distributed and farmers received advice on shrimp farming.

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