Project dissemination and impact activities

Drs Sergei Shubin and Tanjil Sowgat from Swansea University have been supporting community engagement of the PaConDAA project through art-based workshops with a local school in Wales and as part of the Swansea Science Festival – to share Bangladeshi children’s poverty experiences with children in Swansea.

They have also co-produced and shared two short video produced to explain how they have used art as a way for participants to communicate and represent their experiences of poverty – this was shared with participants in Bangladesh:

Creative Community Engagement: Art, Interactive Learning, Empowerment

Swansea University – PACONDAA Project

Using the pictures drawn during our art workshops, both in Bangladesh and in a Swansea school they have produced postcards showing experiences of poverty in both locations side by side- these will be distributed amongst the participating children and their schools and include links to the Swansea project website.

Swansea University have collaborated with internationally-acclaimed and young Bangladeshi artists to share experiences of the oft-overlooked poor internationally, and PaConDAA received Research as Art 2018 award (Swansea/BBC) for these activities:

Working with stories told by Bangladeshi children and an illustrator we are co-producing a children’s book to be distributed across the field-sites and in the UK to disseminate the circumstances and experiences of poverty in India and Bangladesh with a wider audience.



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