Chingri shrimp app

The PaConDAA team are pleased to announce the launch of a new mobile phone app – the Chingri Shrimp App which can be downloaded from the GooglePlay store.

Chingri app

This Bengali mobile phone app, which has been developed through the PaConDAA collaboration between ICAR-CIBA and Bangladesh Agricultural University, with the support of the University of Southampton allows farmers to directly access the latest Management Practice advice for shrimp farming, from pond preparation and maintenance of water quality, through to stocking and grow out and includes information on disease diagnosis and control. The app includes a pond calculator to assist with the addition of pond treatments and a free text query form so that farmers can post questions to CIBA scientists in India for direct answer.

This app has been based on the globally successful CIBA Vanami Shrimp App, which is also available from the GooglePlay Store.

Vanami shrimp app


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