Farmers’ Interaction Meeting at Mungamuru, Nellore Dt., AP

Following the first meeting held on 23.09.2016, the second meeting was held on 19.12.2016 at Jadagogula near Mungamuru village, Nellore Dt with help of the local Coordinator, Dr.P.Haribabu, the College of Fishery Science.

Twenty shrimp farmers selected for the project studies attended the meeting. The Indian investigator, Dr.A.S.Sahul Hameed and the UK investigators, Dr.Chris Hauton and Prof Kenton Morgan were present in the meeting to interact with the farmers. In the meeting, Dr.P.Haribabu introduced the project investigators to the farmers, highlighted the project objectives and benefits of the project to the farmers, and also acted as an interpreter between the farmers and investigators. Dr.Chris highlighted the importance of the project and services to be provided to the farmers during the project period.

Dr.A.S.Sahul Hameed explained the activities of the project and the purpose of selecting Mungamuru village for this project. He requested all the farmers to cooperate for the smooth running and success of the project for the benefit shrimp culture industry. He explained about the services to be provided to the farmers like seed screening, sampling, water testing, regular monitoring of shrimp and reporting the results. Prof. Kenton Morgon interacted directly with farmers to know about their farming activities and frequency of WSSV outbreak in their ponds. He has also given suggestions for the successful running of the farm.

After the meeting, the Indian and UK investigators along with Dr.Haribabu visited some farms selected for project studies and interacted with the respective shrimp farmers to know about their farming activities and then explained to them about sampling.



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