Visit to the UK of research colleagues from the CIBA and CAHC, India

Drs Vijayan (Director-CIBA), Shekhar (CIBA) and Sahul Hameed (CAHC) visited the University of St Andrews from 7th-12th November to discuss project logistics and experimentation. The meeting was hosted by Dr Smith (University of St Andrews) and was joined by Drs Hauton (Southampton), Dickey, Van West and Trusch (Aberdeen), and Sowgat (Swansea), and Prof Morgan (Liverpool).

Topics of discussion included:

Task 1 – socioeconomic aspects and assessment of poverty alleviation;

Task 2 – assessments of pond operation/operating conditions/epidemiology;

Task 3 – transcriptome study of WSSV infection



By Peter Gordon, CC BY-SA 2.0,


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