Visit of Shrimp farmers from Mungamur village, Nellore Dt. to C.Abdul Hakeem College

Shrimp farmers from Jadagogula, Mungamur village of Nellore Dt., AP visited Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory, C.Abdul Hakeem College, Melvisharam, Tamilnadu on 25th October, 2016.

They came to the college at 11 am along with Dr.Haribabu, the Local Coordinator of Indo-UK project. A separate meeting was conducted in the Conference Hall with the shrimp farmers.

Dr.Sahul Hameed welcomed all the shrimp farmers and highlighted the objectives of the Indo UK project and also the services to be provided to the farmers during the project period. He also explained the facilities available in the AAHL and also service rendered to the Tamilnadu shrimp farmers.

The shrimp farmers interacted with experts and clarified their doubts regarding the clinical signs of diseases of shrimp, preserving the samples, and transporting the samples like seed and adult shrimp for diagnostic purpose. The Secretary of the College and the Principal also attended the meeting. The Secretary of the College presented a memento to all the shrimp farmers. After the meeting, farmers visited all the laboratories and saw for themselves the facilities and equipment available.

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